Mekong Songkruos

“Mekong Songkruos” is a credit life insurance product that provides protection to people who are financial institutions’ customers, through life insurance protection and affordable premium, guaranteed to provide claim sufficient to cover loan payback in the unfortunate event of the borrowers.

Benefits from Insurance

  • Peace of mind from financial risk
  • Prevention from unforeseeable expense
  • Life protection for twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week, and everywhere
  • Claim guarantee


  • Death by Accident
  • Disability by Accident
  • Death by Sickness
* Terms and Conditions Apply


Mr. Seiha (Borrower) and his wife (co-borrower) take loan from ABC Microfinance Institution amount 5,000,000 Riels with interest 1.2% per month and 12 months loan period.

  • Mr. Seiha, purchase “Mekong Rescue” (main borrower), the premium payable to Mekong is 100 Riel per day.
  • If Mr. Seiha passes away in the sixth months, his family will receive 5,000,000 Riels (excluding interest in the sixth month).
*This document is a summary of Benefits, Terms and Conditions. Please see details in Policy Schedule.

Other Benefits

  • Quick purchasing condition
  • Quick claim approval
  • Become a member of “Mekong Club”

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