Mekong Microinsurance Plc. "MMI" is a micro insurance company licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance license No. 561 dated November 2, 2015. Mekong has a large distribution network that spreads almost all over the kingdom.


Mekong is a 100% Cambodian micro insurance company that aims to improve the value of life of lower-income people in order for them to realize standard financial protection against unforeseeable risks through insurance product variety, innovative distribution and professional customer service.


Mekong’s vision is to be one of the market leaders in micro insurance business in the Kingdom of Cambodia by acquiring potential market share and expanding its business operation to all parts of the country.

Core Values

Through its course of business, Mekong aims to integrate the followings core values into its leadership, operation and business activities:

  • Integrity:
a typical quality of individual staff of the Mekong who must demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which coworkers build relationships, trust, and effective interpersonal relationships. This quality trait stems through the entire organization ranging from top management to operational staff.
  • Trust:
Mekong prioritizes relationship between the company and individual customer, where it be obtained and maintained before and after policy acquisition by our professional insurance advisors.
  • Confidence:
Mekong staff are confident, loyal and professionally caring in reaching out the to the customers.


Mekong strives to exploit financial technology “FINTECH” to develop core competency in the establishment of a variety of innovative distributions and products that best answer our customers preference and need.